We help your kid solve the
Rubik’s Cube in 15 days!

Empower your child’s skills through the Rubik’s Cube with Smart Planet Academy. Discover our course designed for children from 5 years old to enhance concentration and foster critical thinking. Designed after teaching more than 300 kids. ​


We have created a unique course that uses the Rubik's Cube to help develop vital skills such as concentration, memory, and analytical thinking in young learners.

With our methodology based on step-by-step tutorials and personalized support, all ages even with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE can become Rubik's Cube experts.


I am Joseph Jimenez, the founder of Smart Planet Academy. I have taught and had fun with over 300 children to improve their skills through mental challenges.

As someone with a 5-year-old brother who can solve many cubes, I know how challenging and entertaining the cubing world is. I love teaching and helping children overcome challenges!

Parents and students who have already learned with us


Our students say about us

+100 Reviews in +3 years

Camila and Kate

"My 11-year-old cousin learned to solve the cube in less than a week and now she really likes cubes. Kate decided to move from the normal version to different cubes and even decided to improve her speed. I 100% recommend Joseph's teaching, I have recommended it to more people."

Preethi, Jay and Dhilan

"My sons have been doing the cube with Joseph. Dhilan has learned to solve the cube within a short amount of time. Jay recently started and will be able to solve one as well soon! Joseph’s teaching method makes it easy for the kids to follow. Joseph is fun, patient and smart!"

Brian and Lucy

"He teaches very well and taught me a lot of stuff about the Rubik’s cube. He also taught me tons of other cube puzzles including 2x2 Ortega, 4x4, mastermorphix, pyraminx, banana cube, mirror cube, 5x5. I have made good memories with Joseph and my cube puzzles."

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Access to our private Rubik’s Cube community: GIVEAWAYS, EXCLUSIVE CONTENT, SUPPORT from us and other community members and more.


A FREE personalized class with Smart Planet Academy: 30 minutes with a professional Cubing Tutor who will adapt to your child’s needs.


Discounts on other products: advanced courses and other cubes, personalized classes for cubes and chess, group classes for cubes and chess.

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The course is aimed at children from 5 years old (with parental support), but there is no age limit! We have found that at these ages, children can greatly benefit from learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube and develop skills such as critical thinking and concentration.

You only need a traditional 3×3 Rubik’s Cube and an internet connection! Remember, you can review the course as many times as you need to be able to solve it.

No, you do not need any previous experience. Our course is designed to take students from the basics to solving the cube completely in just 15 DAYS.

Yes, our course is virtual and recorded, which means your child can learn at their own pace, at the most convenient schedule, and from the comfort of your home. Remember to reinforce what you have learned with our free personalized class!

Our students can get help (and even learn new cubes) through our personalized and group lessons.You can also get help from us and more cubers within our
exclusive community, where students can ask questions and share their experiences.

The duration of the course will depend on each student’s learning pace. However, the course is designed to be completed in 15 DAYS.

Once your child completes the course, they can join our Exclusive Group, where we host Giveaways, Exclusive Content, Interaction with more cubers around the world and more. You can also join our private or group lessons for learning about advanced Speedcubing or about different cubes. We will also offer advanced-level courses for those students who want to continue developing their skills with New Cubes or Advanced Methods.

Learning to solve the Rubik’s Cube improves logical thinking, concentration,
patience, and fosters creativity
. Additionally, it’s an impressive and fun skill that
you can share and enjoy with friends and family.